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Bagels do not like microwaves.

                 A bagel can be defrosted in a microwave but to be enjoyed as it should be the bagel

                 should be heated in an oven prior to serving.

How to prepare a bagel.

     Fresh fully baked-

                  Simply slice, fill and eat. Can also be toasted before or after filling or left in two halves and

                  open grilled.

     Fresh par-baked

                  Spray lightly with fresh water and place in an oven pre-heated to 200DegC until browned to

                  your personal preference or toast either split or whole under a griller or similar.

     Frozen par-baked

                  Best defrosted at room temperature and then treated as fresh par-bake.

Stop the filling coming through the hole.

                Cover the hole simply by using a slice of cheese or a solid filling. The strength of the bagel

                allows it to act as a clamp when eating to prevent the fillings from extruding. 

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