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Introducing ….. the bagel!


So, what is a bagel? Some might say bagels are bread rolls shaped like a doughnut. True, but this is far from the whole story because bagels are not like any bread product most Australians have had before.


Proper bagels made according to traditional recipes are denser than ordinary bread with a slightly crisp crust and distinctive chewy texture. The taste is a little sweeter than regular bread too.


Bagels are very low in fat and contain no cholesterol or preservatives. This makes them ideal for those concerned with their diet. They are very versatile as well, coming in both sweet and savoury forms which can be eaten plain or with a filling.


A big plus for some people is that bagels won’t go soggy when filled with wet ingredients like tomatoes – perfect for kids lunch bags. Others like the fact that bagels make great toast.


With so much going for them, it’s little wonder bagels have become the fastest growing bakery product in the U.S. Canada and Europe over the past decade. And, yes, they are available here in South Australia!


Bagel Boys have been baking authentic New York style bagels in Adelaide since 1988.


If you wish to further research the ancient BAGEL try the following site.



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